Jonathan F Schulz

My research lies at the intersection of economic history, experimental economics, and development economics. I am particularly interested in the co-evolution of informal and formal institutions and in the internalization of social norms.

Selected Publications

The Church, intensive kinship, and global psychological variation (2019). Science, 366, 6466 (with D. Bahrami-Rad, J. Beauchamp, & J. Henrich)

The Moral Machine Experiment (2018). Nature, 563, 59-64 (with E. Awad, S. Dsouza, R. Kim, J. Henrich, A. Shariff, J.-F. Bonnefon, & I. Rahwan)

Intrinsic Honesty and the Prevalence of Rule Violations across Societies (2016). Nature, 531, 496‑499 (with S. Gächter)

Affect and Fairness: Dictator Games under Cognitive Load (2014). Journal of Economic Psychology 41, 77-87 (with U. Fischbacher, C. Thöni, & V. Utikal)

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