Schedule of Talks

All Times EDTWednesday, September 15Thursday, September 16Friday, September 17
9:00Introduction to the workshop:

Session on topics in micro:

Guerrero: market for lemons
Session on the environment:

Axtell and Scott, Fishing the Line
9:30Graubner and Balmann: generalized HotellingReti: internet job searchWolf: green growth and decision theatre
10:00Veetil and Mandel: money and networksKukacka: Q-learning in the Hotelling modelKlein et al.: environmental tax reform
10:45Session on industrial organization:

Terna et al.: oligopoly
Session on macro:

Teglio: representative agents
Session on natural science:

Ertsen: water systems
11:15Leitner and Wall: Holmstrom’s hidden action modelDe Grauwe and Gerba: secular stagnationAslan et al.: anisogamy
11:45Barrenechea and Clementino: horizontal mergersAsano et al.: emergent inequalityStevenson: population-driven ecology models
1:00Panel discussion on epidemiology.

J Epstein moderator
Keynote talk:

Brian Arthur: Asset Pricing as seen Differently by Neoclassical Economics and Complexity Economics
Session on finance:

Biondi: Formation of Financial Market Prices over Time
1:30Hunter, Herrmann et al., Barrett, MaratheSession on markets:

Richters: out-of-equilibrium trading
Lamba: Brownian prices to boom-and-bust dynamics
2:00Chang/Tassier, Lorig et al., Venkatachalapathy et al.Applegate: price equilibrium with expectationsSchuler: Diamond-Dybvig model of bank runs
2:45Session on macro:

Arifovic et al.: learning monetary policy
Session on development:

Kessle: O-ring theory of development
Session on political economy:

Codina: classical competition
3:15Guisinger et al.: inequality and the central bankReed: Acemoglu and Robinson model of democracyCogliano et al.: classical competitive price formation
3:45Modig: labor migrationSuits: economic assistance & political developmentBarr: urban economic models